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Совсем недавно на МП прошла волна, когда некоторые блоггеры писали на английском про свою любимую страну. Не знаю, может и мне написать?

Говорю сразу – английский по тестам у меня В1, в реале – ноль без дырки. Поэтому, если кто-то увидит, что я использую не то время или неправильно подобрала слова, а то и вообще предложение не правильно составила – СКАЖИТЕ МНЕ ОБ ЭТОМ! Буду благодарна



I love travelling. Every country for me like new world, new emotions or new memories. I like to learn new information about countries, which I want to see. But there is a place in this world, which I love more than others places.

 This is Norway. A small country in Northern Europe.  4.000.000 people live there. Maybe, it’s like four Odessa. Norway is situated near Sweden. So, I think, Norwegian people have very interesting life

 Norway is beautiful place with amazing landscapes. I think everyone saw the Norwegian Fjords on the pictures or photos. So, I hope, I will have opportunity to see this real. It’s amazing to stand on the mountain and see the river. It’s wonderful!

 Norway is also country of oil. Not so long ago people found a very large amount of oil. Now Norway is largest oil and gas producer in Northern Europe. Norway has the largest oil platform in the world.

Many years ago there lived Vikings. Nordic warriors. We love to wath cartoons and serials of them

 Norwegians don't like to sit at home. They love to play sports. Snowboarding and skiing is their most popular pastime.

Each tourist have to bring one small Norwegian troll

My favourite cities of Norway are Oslo and Bergen.

Oslo is the capital of Norway and the big city in country. For me it’s very gray and sad place. But many tourists want to visit this town. It’s so beautiful. My favourite place in Oslo is the Vigeland Park. There you will find many wonderful sculptures of naked people. I think it’s so unusually!

 Of cause, I want to visit Museum of Edward Munch. He is one of my favourite artists. I love his picture “The Scream”. Everyone knows this picture. But I want to see others pictures of this Norwegian genius.

 Also I want to visit Ibsen Museum. This is one of famous Houses-Museums in Norway. There is house with origin interior like poet living here now. I think I will feel his spirit in this place when he’ll sit at the armchair and read “Et dukkehjem” (“A Doll’s House”).

  And, of cause, Oslo – hometown of three my favourite musicians from the band a-ha – Morten, Magne and Paul. I very respect these three men. The band lived about 25 years. And their music make relax and tranquility for me.

And this is Bergen. «Gateway to the kingdom of the fjords»

 When I look at this town – I see the Northern Odessa. It’s really fantastic – this two different city have much in common. For example, in Odessa there is famous market “Privoz”, in Bergen – there is “Fish's Market”. Everyone wants to see that at first time!


 In Odessa lived Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, in Bergen – Norwegian poet Henrik Ibsen. Both of them was very famous men in literature. Of cause, many famous people lived and living in Odessa, but now I don’t want to remember each of them. There is a lot of them. In Bergen there are lived a lot of famous people too.

Also Edward Grieg was born and lived in Bergen. It’s great composer. I remember when I was a little girl I was afraid his «In the Hall of the Mountain King». And I’m afraid it now. There are Museum-House of Edward Grieg in Bergen. In Odessa was born and lived great composer Modest Tabachnikov and singer Leonid Utyosov.

 Odessa and Bergen have the famous promenades. In Odessa it is at the Marine Station. In Bergen it is Bryggen.

 Of cause, this is a jug! A big jug from my favourite artist and singer Magne Furuholmen. This is one of reasons why I love this city 

I love Norway so much. But I’m afraid it will be difficult for me to understand Norwegian language. There are two popular Norwegian dialects – bokmål and nynorsk. Everyone who was born in Norway understands both of them. Tourists are learning  bokmål, this is the most popular dialect than nynorsk. It sounds like Swedish and looks like Danish. Bokmål is so easy language. Nynorsk is more difficult than bokmål. And I hope I will learn both of this dialects. I really want to speak Norwegian better.

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Интересно, а зачем война… от неё нет позитива....

войны будут, пока это кому-то выгодно

Их просто раздувают из ничего… или от нечего делать...

или это традиция каждое столетие в 14м году делать пакости друг другу....

Это тоже может быть, если считать, что существует якобы мировое правительство, то тогда конечно… да ещё и народонаселение нужно уменьшать… а то и так и жить, и есть скоро будет нечего, ....

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